How your Business Benefits from Online Real Estate Management

When you manage your real estate transaction online, you enjoy centralized document rooms, real time collaboration, and instant signing and approvals among others benefits. Your customers feel ecstatic by the quality of service that you give them and in turn, your work is simplified. With online real estate transaction management, there is no need for paper transaction. You also don’t need to keep faxing or travelling from one place to another to attend meetings.

Transactions Take Lightening Speed to Create

The platform is created to enable you to create transactions with ease while mitigating risks. It saves time and it increase productivity. The eSign feature captures signatures for different parties. When you type data in one form, it is captured in other fields and you can import data from the MLS.

Enabling Real Time Transactions and Communications

All parties involved in the transaction enjoy the ability to comment and update information in real time. You have the authority to limit the forms that you want the others to view. Real time collaborations eliminate the need for back and forth email which can be tiring and time consuming.

Keeping all Forms Safely in One Place

All transaction forms and information can be accessed through any device including a mobile phone as long as it has internet connections. The platform provides an opportunity to store up-to-date forms in one place. By using the online platform, you can send transactions for eSigning, store contacts, tasks and reminders, set up form packages, and create paperless transactions. If you need to refer to any document or agreement, it is easy as all forms and documents are easily accessible.  All transactions are stored in one place and can be accessed anytime and anywhere.  Managing your real estate online eliminates the need for paperwork, streamlines online transaction and reduces legal liability. For more information visit the website