How You Can Protect Your McGehee, AR, Home Against Summer Pest Infestations

Most people look forward to the arrival of summer because there’s so much more to enjoy in the warmer weather. Unfortunately, the warmer weather also brings the increased chance of pest infestations in your home. While pest management services in McGehee AR, can help you limit these risks, there are other things you should do to ensure pests of all types feel unwelcome on your property. Here are a few suggestions.

Eliminate Standing Water
When you have standing water on your property, you’ll create an attractive breeding ground for mosquitoes, gnats, and other flying insects. You can remove this temptation by making sure there aren’t any blockages in your home’s gutter system. If you have a bird bath or pond on your property, install an aerator to keep the water from standing still.

Keep Food Tightly Sealed
There are some foods, such as cereal and potato chips, that are difficult to keep sealed in their original packaging. You should transfer these foods to airtight plastic food containers or bags that can be sealed. In addition to keeping these foods fresh for longer, you’ll ensure the scent of the food won’t attract insects and other pests. It’s also important to clean up spills as soon as possible.

Store Trash Away From the Home
You should take your trash outdoors as frequently as possible to avoid the buildup of food particles that will attract pests. When you do take trash outdoors, store it in your garage in a covered trash receptacle, or store it as far from the house as you’re able. When you use pest management services, ask them to spray around the area where you keep your trash and around the foundation of your home.

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