How You Can Get Ready for Your Meeting with a Houston DWI Attorney

After being charged with a DWI, you might not know how to communicate when you go to court. An option is to hire an attorney who works with these cases so that you can ask questions and so that there is someone on your side who understands your charges and the possible outcomes while approaching the court on your behalf.


When you meet with a DWI attorney in Houston, TX, you need to prepare a summary of what happened so that you can relate all of the details in order. This can help you keep track of any issues that occurred with the arresting police officer and can help in making sure details aren’t left out when you go to court. It’s also beneficial when you feel stressed and isn’t able to remember everything about being charged.


Before meeting with a DWI attorney in Houston, TX, you should write down any questions that you might have. Most of the time, a consultation with an attorney is only for a short time. If you already have questions in mind, then you can make the most of your time together before deciding whether or not you want or need to hire an attorney to represent you.

Goals and Education

If there’s anything that you’ve done to better yourself since the DWI charge, then you need to let the attorney know. This could be taking classes about drug and alcohol addiction or even entering a rehab program so that you can get the help that you need. Contact the Law Offices of Jesse Hernandez at if you have questions pertaining to a DWI charge.

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