How to Use an AED Machine During a Medical Emergency in Your Workplace

As health and safety becomes an even greater concern for business owners, many commercial businesses are keeping AED machines on hand. Your business can save money on this type of investment by buying a
wholesale AED. As these life-saving machines become more widely available, it’s important to ensure your employees know how to properly use the device.

Starting the AED Machine

As you turn the device on, it’s essential to watch the device’s monitor. This is where the person using the machine will see instructions and guidance for using the device. Be sure the heart victim’s shirt is open and their bare skin is exposed. Any medical patches or bandages should be removed using latex gloves. Once you have taken these steps, you’ll be ready to proceed.

Analyze the Victim

The AED pads may need to be attached or plugged into the machine. Once you do so, you should advise others to “stand clear” to ensure you can treat the victim without adversely affecting others. As you touch the pads to the individual’s chest, the monitor will provide an analysis of the individual’s heart rhythm.

Shock and Perform CPR

If the wholesale AED machine advises you to shock the individual, do so only once. After delivering the shock, start performing CPR. If the machine reports that a shock isn’t necessary, you should start CPR immediately. As you go through this process, someone should be calling 911 for help. Continue CPR until the person revives or until paramedics arrive at the scene.

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