How to Tell If You Need Tire Repair in Denver

During the hot summer months, your tires take a beating. Not only are you often headed out for fun family vacations, but they are also being driven on scalding hot pavement. These driving conditions make old, worn tires ripe for a blowout. To prevent this, you want to always pay attention to your tires and take action before it’s too late.

Not sure what to look for? Here are some signs that you need tire repair in Denver.

Minimal Tread

The stubbly ridges and grooves on the tire’s exterior, known as tread, are an extremely important part of your tire. It guarantees that your car has traction, which means that you won’t be slipping and sliding down the road, resulting in worse gas consumption.

Low tire wear is a major red flag indicating that you should bring it into a place such as Elder Auto for an inspection. Extreme wear might occur all across the tire or only on the outer or center. It might also indicate other issues such as over-or under-inflation, misalignment, or broken tires.


All automobiles vibrate, especially while traveling over bumpy roads. Even so, you undoubtedly have a sense of when something is “odd.” If your tire vibrates a lot, it’s an indication that there’s something more serious going on and that you need tire repair in Denver. It might be an alignment issue or possibly a faulty suspension. Always err on the side of caution and bring it in to have it inspected.

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