How to Tell if You May Need a Root Canal

A common dental procedure is a root canal. It’s a procedure that is sometimes necessary to help remove infection that has settled into the root area of your tooth. It’s not uncommon for people to avoid visiting the dentist when having tooth or gum pain because many patients have anxiety when it comes to involved dental procedures, especially root canals. However, with good dentistry practices for Root Canals Tomball TX Dentists can competently remove infection and restore your dental health in just a couple of visits.

Symptoms You Need a Root Canal

Not all root canals show signs or symptoms. There are some cases where a dentist realizes a patient needs a root canal after viewing the x-rays or conducting a regular checkup. If you don’t complain of pain to your dentist, he or she may still recommend a root canal for various reasons. If your dentist notices that a tooth has darkened, it could indicate root damage. If your dentist notices decay on an x-ray along with a darkened area near the root, you may need a root canal.

Symptoms that you may notice that indicate a problem with a tooth’s root area would be consistent pain and swelling, the intensity of pain increasing over time, a consistent bad taste in your mouth, or the presence of a small pimple like mass on your gums. A consistent bad taste that seems to stem from the gum area could be drainage of infection along the gum line. This may also affect the smell of your breath.

Root Canal Procedure

During the procedure, your dentist uses a thin layer of latex to isolate the affected area. Once you are numb or sedated, the dentist will drill an access hole to the infected root. The dentist will work on the root area through this hole, cleaning out infection and reshaping the root canal. The access space is then packed with a filling material down through the root. You then choose a crown or filling to restore the surface of your tooth. For patients with severe anxiety toward root canals, Tomball TX dentists can use sedation dentistry for the procedure.

Once the dentist cleans and restores the root area, you should notice a definite improvement in the pain and swelling. While no one likes to hear they need root canals, Tomball TX patients have the choice of being sedated and possibly not even remembering the procedure when they wake up.

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