How to Tell a Commercial Property Needs Industrial Paving Repair

The pavement used for roads, parking lots, sidewalks, and ramps is designed to weather the elements, but even professionally laid pavement can only take so much wear and tear before it begins to degrade. Commercial property owners have a responsibility to their clients, customers, and employees to keep all paved surfaces in respectable shape in order to avoid injury and damage to vehicles. These surfaces should be regularly evaluated to ensure that industrial paving repair is not yet necessary. Failing to do so could result in serious consequences for property owners, who are often liable for keeping their properties safe. It can also lead to the need to completely replace parking lots, creating a needless expense that could easily be avoided. Below are a few signs to look for when evaluating a parking lot or other paved surface.

Multiple Cracks

Pavement that is aging or highly trafficked often begins to develop small cracks. If they are caught early enough, they can easily be patched to prevent them from growing into a larger problem. Be sure to have them repaired before they reach a quarter of an inch. If they get any larger, they can reach deeper into the surface of the pavement and cause more serious problems.

Aging Pavement

Over time pavement degrades. Water, radiation from the sun, shifting ground, and just plain old wear can all take their toll. Most commercial parking lots and other paved surfaces must be regularly maintained to prolong their lifespan. Keep in mind that even with maintenance, they can only reasonably be expected to last 10-20 years with heavy traffic.

Pavement is Moving

If it has been properly installed, pavement will remain pretty stationary. If it appears to be slowly moving or shifting over time, it may be a sign that inadequate underlay materials were used during the initial construction. A variety of other factors come into play when deciding whether to repair the existing surface or completely replace it, so it’s best to schedule a consultation with a contractor and follow his or her professional recommendations. Visit to find out more about industrial paving repair and local contractors that can provide these valuable services. You can also connect them on Facebook.

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