How To Streamline Your Electronic Health Records With Pulse Check

One of the biggest challenges of any medical practice is the management of electronic health records. Without efficient record keeping, you will be able not to maximize your revenue per patient. Also, poor record-keeping can lead to problems when it comes to patient care and patient care satisfaction. Now, there is a simple and easy way to manage your electronic health records to improve your clinical performance and enhance your patient engagement. With Pulse Check’s Urgent Care Solution app, your practice will have their records managed and maintained by a top tier Urgent Care EHR Company.

Our Urgent Care Solution app is easy to implement. There is no hardware or software installation necessary. In fact, the entire app can be added to your practice in a matter of a few weeks. Since the app is easy to use, your entire staff will be able to quickly understand and use the system. With Urgent Care Solutions, you can migrate all of your existing records into the app fast. Our team can even assist with onboarding your existing electronic health records.

Some of the unique features of our Urgent Care Solutions app include a patient tracking dashboard, real-time alerts, a dedicated client manager, side by side chart & claim review and much more. Rest assured all of your data is secured with our app’s cloud-based encrypted system and cloud-based back-up drive. To help you get started, Pulse Check offers flexible pricing options includes your choice of a monthly payment plan or a per-traction fee structure. Across the country, we have helped hundreds of medical practices, medical facilities, emergency rooms, and urgent care centers streamline with electronic record keeping. That’s what makes Pulse Check the country’s leading Urgent Care EHR Company.

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