How to Store Your Art

When it comes to your art, you want to make sure it is safe and is not going to be damaged in storage or from someone being careless. Sure, you could just store your art in a storage room, but these are not usually climate controlled, so you may end up with mold or moisture damage. Maybe you can store it at your home, but what if you are living in an apartment and don’t have the extra room? Maybe it’s time to consider a dedicated art storage solution. Here are a couple of advantages of using a service like this over storing it yourself.


These companies specialize in art storage, so they know how valuable your art can be. They will usually package your art professionally before shipping it to a storage facility. This includes any inner packaging material you will need as well as heavy coverings and full wooden crates to make sure nothing is broken or otherwise damaged during shipping and storage.


This is one of the most important factors to consider. It won’t matter how well your piece is packaged if it gets moldy in storage because there was too much humidity. A good storage facility will have climate controlled storage units to keep your pieces from deteriorating over time in storage. There are several good companies that offer climate control storage in Los Angeles and other areas throughout the country.


When you are working with a storage company, and you decide you want your pieces back for display, whether it be in your home, office, or a show, the company should arrange to have your piece delivered and professionally setup on site to ensure the safety of your piece.

At the end of the day a good art storage company should provide you with a turn key solution to storing any and all pieces you have, but are not ready to display just yet. These solutions can save you time and effort making sure your art is safe and secure. Visit Art Pack.

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