How to Start Filing a Wrongful Death Claim

Personal injury laws allow a person to file a claim for compensation if they were injured because of someone else’s negligence or direct action. Car accidents are one of the most common reasons a person will file a personal injury claim. When the person dies because of a car accident, the next of kin can file on their behalf; this is known as a wrongful death claim, and it gives the next of kin the opportunity to be reimbursed for any expenses related to the accident and loss of life.

The first thing the person should do is collect any necessary evidence relating to the accident, which could include police reports, contact information for witnesses and anything else they may have. They should also collect bills showing any accident-related expenses, which could include the person’s medical bills, funeral bills and more. If the person cannot obtain certain items, they should get as much as they can.

The first step in actually filing the claim is speaking to an attorney, who will make sure the person is eligible to file and that they have a case; if there is any missing paperwork, the attorney will work to obtain it. Once the lawyer has everything needed, they’ll determine how much money the person should receive from a settlement, which can include medical bills, funeral expenses, lost wages and legal fees. The attorney will then start working with the insurance company to begin negotiating a claim and, in most cases, this will lead to an adequate settlement but, if it doesn’t, the attorney can take the case to court and have a judge determine the amount of the settlement, if anything.

After a deadly automobile accident, the next of kin can start working on a wrongful death claim immediately by finding all the necessary paperwork and contacting a lawyer, who will then work to help them obtain an adequate settlement. If you have lost a loved one in an accident, speak with an attorney today to find out if you’re eligible to start a claim. For more information about wrongful death cases or to find a lawyer, visit today.

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