How To Select The Best Promotional Coffee Mugs

If you are in business the key to success is customers, as many as possible. As a business owner or marketing guy you are constantly looking for ways to get customers and potential customers to remember the business name and think of you when the product you produce is required. With over half of the US adult population drinking coffee, promotional coffee mugs are ideal for doing just that. There are many promotional gifts that simply end up in the bottom of a desk drawer, there is a limit to how many pens you need but coffee mugs are a welcome gift because they are truly useful and the company’s logo or little message is seen many times a day by decision makers.

The best place to start when looking for Promotional Coffee Mugs is with the various shapes that are available as the mug must be acceptable for your company logo and of course, price. As promotional pieces the best buys are ceramic which will be used in the office or travel mugs which will accompany the owner on his drive to work in the morning, both types are very much appreciated. Ceramic mugs are reasonably priced, especially when they are purchased in the volume you will need for your campaign. Think of how your logo will appear and select a color and shape to suit.

Insulated travel mugs are manufactured from a tough stainless steel outer skin and a plastic liner. Although this combination of material is frequently used, these types of mugs can be manufactured in all plastic which gives an option for locating the logo. On the metal cup and a plastic outer the logo can be embossed directly on the surface, if the outer shell of the all plastic cup is transparent, the logo can fit between the inner and outer shell. These types of promotional coffee mugs can be had with or without handle, they come with a snug fitting cover that has a spout to drink from while driving.

Another material choice for promotional coffee mugs is glass. These mugs can be quite expensive, especially if the logo is etched onto the surface. Not only are they more costly, they are considerably more fragile but they do make a wonderful gift for a special customer.


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