How to Select a Service for Business Tax Preparation in Lawrence, KS

Companies in need of bookkeeping and business tax preparation in Lawrence, KS, may wonder the best way to choose a tax preparer. You need efficient and reliable tax services that you can count on and that is dependable. You may be looking for someone to handle your bookkeeping as well. Handing off these responsibilities to a professional saves time and money and ensures that your business stays in compliance with financial requirements.

How to Choose a Tax Preparation Service

The first step in selecting a tax preparation service is to check that the preparer is qualified to prepare returns and that they are licensed as a credentialed preparer. Be sure that you understand how much the service costs and what is included in the service.

When selecting a tax preparation service, ask the timeline you should expect for your return. You want to have the return available for you to review before it is submitted to the IRS.

You must work with a preparer that you feel comfortable with. They should take their time to explain exactly what information they need from you to file a complete and accurate return. If you have questions or concerns, they should be happy to discuss and explain exactly what is going on with your return.

When you are ready to hire a service for business tax preparation in Lawrence, KS, contact Peggy’s Tax and Accounting Svc at (785) 286-7899. Peggy’s Tax and Accounting Svc can handle all of your business tax and bookkeeping needs.

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