How to Save Money on Wellhead Compression in Oklahoma

Most of the press and interest in the natural gas industry involves large firms and multinational conglomerates. While they are delivering large volumes of natural gas all over the world, much of the country’s natural gas comes from smaller producers. If you’re one of those smaller producers, you might serve a rural district, pump your gas into a larger company’s service line, or simply use the gas to run a farm. Whatever the case may be, smaller oil and gas wells have much narrower profit margins. When the price of gas drops, which it has been doing for years, you need to slim down your operation to stay solvent. One of the best ways to do that is to right size your wellhead compression tools.

Right Sizing

Right sizing your tools for wellhead compression in Oklahoma involves determining the proper size of compressor. If your compressor is larger than you need, you’ll have added costs. You’ll have added costs for fuel, compressor oil, and also more maintenance costs. The maintenance of your pump can cost you a lot of money if you have a compressor that is too large. It will have many more moving parts that are much larger.

Picking a compressor of the proper size will also lower your initial costs. A wellhead compressor is not a small part of your operation, nor is it very cheap. Therefore, you need to work with a company such as A & H Compression Inc. to determine the right size compressor for your needs.


Your options are whether you want to lease your wellhead compression tools or buy them outright. Leasing them will keep your initial costs lower but you’ll never actually own them. If you can buy them outright, you’ll have higher costs but it will be a one-time fee. As long as it’s the right size, you can save money either way.