How to Recover Quickly Following Wisdom Teeth Removal in Nassau County NY

The majority of teenagers and adults will have their wisdom teeth extracted at some point. Most people simply don’t have enough space in their mouth to support these extra teeth. After wisdom teeth removal in Nassau County, NY, there are a few things you can do to speed up the recovery process.

How Long Is Recovery?

The mouth heals very quickly, and most dentists consider a patient fully healed after just two weeks. However, the most noticeable side effects of surgery, including bruising, swelling and bleeding, reside after a few days. Patients can resume regular activities usually after only 48 hours.

A Clean Mouth Is Important

Your mouth is constantly exposed to bacteria. It’s vital to keep your mouth as clean as possible following wisdom teeth removal in Nassau County, NY. You should not, however, spit for at least a full day following surgery. Instead, tilt your head to drain water after brushing and rinsing.

Be careful when using a toothbrush. Patients should try to avoid the surgical site, especially if there are stitches. Surgeons often recommend rinsing with salt water to keep the incision site clean and disinfected. Some bleeding is common, but if it becomes excessive, be sure to speak with your surgeon.

Avoid Suction

Blood clots form over top of the surgery site. These clots are very important and help the area to heal faster. If a clot becomes dislodged, it may result in a very painful condition called a dry socket. Your surgeon may close the extraction site with stitches to help prevent this from happening.

At home, you can reduce the chances of getting a dry socket by avoiding anything that creates suction within the mouth. Drinking through a straw is prohibited during the healing process. If a dry socket forms, it must be treated immediately to prevent a delay in healing.

Eat Soft and Slowly

Take care to eat only soft foods for the first few days after extraction. Puddings, soups and mashed foods are recommended. Avoid anything that is extremely hot. Take your time when eating, as your mouth may feel sore or swollen.

The recovery time following Plainview & Massapequa Oral and Implant Surgery is usually very quick. Be sure to follow your surgeon’s after-care instructions to ensure your mouth heals without any complications.