How to Recover from Wisdom Teeth Removal

You can make the recovery process easier by planning ahead of time. Planning meals before your surgery before it actually occurs can be a good idea. You can have soft foods and liquids ready and available to consume afterward. It may help to talk to your oral surgeon before the surgery and ask any questions that you might have. You can schedule your wisdom teeth removal at a time when you can have a couple days off so that you don’t have the stress of getting back to work right away.

Eat Carefully

Eating the wrong foods can cause you pain and discomfort. If you can stick to liquids and very soft food for the few days following your surgery, you can reduce the pain that you may experience. You can gradually incorporate solid foods in your diet when you feel comfortable. You should avoid drinking from straws and foods that are extremely hot or spicy.

Get Rest

As with many illnesses and surgery recoveries, it is important to get sufficient rest. It can be tempting to get back into your daily routine right away and even get back to work, but you should take the time to fully recover. If you can wait a couple days to exercise and do laborious activities, you can recover easier. Keeping your head elevates the first day or two can also help.

Use Tea Bags and Gauze

Many oral surgeons may recommend that you use tea bags or gauze to reduce bleeding. For the hours following your surgery, you can use gauze to gently bite down upon, but then you may want to switch to a dampened tea bag instead.

It is important to listen to your oral surgeon when you are given instructions regarding post-surgery treatment. Surgeons offering wisdom teeth removal in Lincoln Park can provide you with a positive removal experience and a comfortable recovery process.

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