How to Provide Access Panels in Your Organization and Keep Employees Safe

There will always be circumstances where your organization will require access to potentially dangerous areas within your property. Electrical panels, other cabling and wiring and plumbing, are all required to be kept away from individuals unless they are authorized to access those areas. By adding aesthetic 24 x 24 access panels around your property, you will be providing a safe and sturdy protection for these elements.

24 Inch Panels Are Ideal

By effectively hiding access to the electrical panels and important areas of your plumbing system, you are removing some of the dangers that may exist.

The addition of 24 x 24 access panels means that experienced and trained individuals can gain access to these areas whenever it is necessary, yet excluding everyone else.

The important components of a building can be further controlled by providing secure and lockable 24 x 24 access panels. They can be added easily into a current construction or purpose built into new construction designs. They can be installed into tiled areas, wood, masonry, almost all walls and some ceiling surfaces.
They operate smoothly because the hinges are concealed and away from prying eyes and hands. Being aesthetically well finished, they effectively disappear into your landscape.

Various models are available in plastic, metal and often coated which means that your own installation process does not require any further preparation work before the area is painted.

Access panels can be installed by your local building supplies company or your own qualified in-house maintenance team. The panels will be delivered ready and easy to install and without necessarily requiring any framing.

By visiting your favorite building supplies company or visiting their online store, you will be able to look at a variety of access panels and see which are best for your specific requirements. Some access panels are fire rated which provides a further level of protection for your organization.

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