How to Prepare Your Child for Preschool

Sending your child to school for the first time can be a huge transition for both you and them. When it’s time to enroll them in preschool for the first time, it can be difficult and overwhelming to figure out what to do next. But there are several steps you can take to make this an exciting journey for you both. And when your child is about to attend a special learning opportunity at Alpine Montessori, it is even more exciting.

What can you do to best prepare your child for this big step in their lives? What will get them excited about it? Read on below to find out!

1. Find Child-Friendly Prep Books

There are plenty of available books and other media sources that explain preschool to young children. Get ahold of some of these resources and read them to your child so they can start thinking about this school in their own minds. Plus, this will encourage them to learn in the safety of their own home as well as stay engaged by asking important questions.

2. Play Pretend

Does your child love to make believe that they are a space ranger or a dinosaur? During your next playtime, bring up the idea of ‘pretending’ that you two are at preschool. You can pretend to be another child that they must interact with. After all, children learn best by doing, and through action they can become acclimated to the school environment before they’re even in it!

3. Buy School Supplies

Take your child on their first journey to buy school supplies together. Let them pick out the items with their favorite colors, patterns, or shapes. It will get them excited about going to school and showing off their things! Important items include backpacks, shoes, blankets, stuffed animals, and crayons.

4. Answer Questions

As you draw closer to the first day of school, make sure to listen to your child as best as possible. Ask them if they have any last-minute questions, or if they have any worries they want to express. Make them as comfortable and confident as possible for their big day up ahead!

Stay Prepared and Enjoy a World of Fun!

The first school days in a young child’s life should be full of fun and positivity. It’s a big change for them, but one they will ultimately enjoy. Alpine Montessori provides a unique learning environment to boost your child’s development skills.

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