How to Prepare Puppies for Successful Dog Grooming in Ft. Meade

Taking a new dog or puppy to be groomed may be exciting for owners who are looking forward to less mess and a clean, happy pup. It’s important to note, however, that dogs’ first experiences with dog grooming in Ft. Meade can set the tone for every grooming experience they are likely to have for the rest of their lives. Read on to find some helpful tips for making sure that any pup’s first trip to the groomer is a successful one.

Familiarize Puppies Early

It’s not uncommon for puppies’ first baths to happen at a dog groomers, but doggie parents who aren’t interested in making a mess of their bathrooms can still take certain steps to make sure their pets are familiarized with the process. Handling puppies’ paws and ears when they are young can make them less averse to allowing groomers to do the same as needed, making cleaning and nail clipping much easier. Regular brushing at home can also make a big difference, as it creates a positive association in dogs’ minds so that they are less likely to be frightened when groomers brush them.

Practice Patience

Most groomers like to warm puppies up with briefer grooming sessions than they typically perform on adult dogs. This first might start out with bathing and brushing but may not include hair trimming or nail clipping. The idea is to make sure that the dog is comfortable with these basic experiences before exposing them to the most intense parts of grooming, so it often takes a while and owners should be patient.

Curbing Anxiety

It can help to make sure that the pup gets plenty of exercise before heading in for that first appointment for dog grooming in Ft. Meade. Dogs that become anxious on car rides can also benefit from a favorite blanket or a toy, or even some puppy treats. Be sure to give the pup a treat upon arriving at the groomer’s as well, as this can begin to create a positive association.

Make an Appointment Today

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