How to Prepare For Your First Meeting With the Divorce Attorney in Bainbridge Island

Preparing for the first meeting with the Divorce Attorney in Bainbridge Island can be a little overwhelming, especially if a person has never had to hire an attorney. It is imperative a person is properly prepared for their meeting so time will not be wasted. With this information, individuals will be prepared for their meeting with the Divorce Attorney in Bainbridge Island.

How to Get Started

When a person is first planning their meeting with the Divorce Attorney in Bainbridge Island, they need to be sure they do not make any rash decisions or even announce their intentions to their spouse. Making announcements or other major decisions without first consulting a lawyer can cause major problems for a person. It is always wise to gain legal advice first and proceed with caution.

There are a couple of documents a person will need to prepare when meeting with their divorce attorney. The first document provides biographical information such as name, spouse’s name, information on children and social security numbers.

The other document is the most difficult to approach because it is a narrative of the events of the marriage. It should be as detailed as possible, listing the events that have led up to a divorce being sought. The more information that can be delivered to the attorney, the better the chances of the attorney being able to provide the legal services the client needs so their rights and best interests can be protected throughout the divorce proceedings.

Financial information is also important and needs to be provided to the attorney. Tax returns, property deeds, and other types of financial information should all be given to ensure the attorney has the information they will require for helping their client pursue a divorce.

Call Today For Your Appointment

If you are considering filing for divorce, it is imperative you seek legal guidance by first scheduling a consultation appointment. Allow the lawyer to help you better understand your rights and legal obligations in your divorce.

With legal representation, you can rest assured your divorce will proceed as smoothly as possible. Call the office right away so your appointment can be scheduled.

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