How To Prepare For Your First Meeting With A Personal Injury Lawyer

People in and around Arlington, VA, may be nervous or anxious about their first meeting with a personal injury lawyer in Arlington, VA. For many individuals, this may be their first time hiring an attorney, plus they are also dealing with recovery and healing after an accident or injury.

Ideally, when setting up the case evaluation call, the attorney or the representative for the law firm provides information on what to expect. The case evaluation is typically a shorter meeting, and it may be done in person or through an online platform. Some personal injury attorneys also meet at their client’s homes or at the hospital if they cannot travel due to health issues.

What to Bring or Have Available

Depending on the specifics of the case and how long ago the injury or accident occurred, people may or may not have documentation. If you have medical bills, hospital bills, information for ambulances or emergency services utilized, or any bills from ongoing rehab or therapy, be sure to have those with you.

In addition, bring any photos or documentation you may have about the accident. Have your insurance information available and any insurance information from other parties involved.

What to Expect

During the meeting with the Arlington, VA, personal injury lawyer, be prepared to share information about the accident. Be open and honest with your attorney, and do not hold back any information about the accident. You also should ask questions about his or her experience, how the case will be handled, and information about the cost and possible settlement amount.

A top personal injury lawyer will ask questions to gain a clear understanding of the case. Try to answer as completely as possible, or let the attorney know you do not have that information.

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