How to Prepare for Your First Meeting with a Personal Injury Attorney in Georgia

If you are not prepared for your first meeting, it can wind up been a big waste of time for both the personal injury attorney in Georgia and you. Unpreparedness can cost you money since it will take longer for the attorney to catch up on your personal injury case.

One of the things your attorney will need to know is your identity and the easiest and most direct way to contact you. Your personal background will also play a big role in him or her understanding how to represent you. In some instances, the attorney will try to make the first meeting more productive by sending over a questionnaire that you need to fill out. When this happens, ensure that you fill out all the details and send the form back before your scheduled meeting. Send along with it copies of documents that could have been requested in the questionnaire.

Before the meeting can proceed any further, your attorney will also like to know of any possible conflicts of interest. Therefore, make sure that you have the names of individuals or companies involved as well as others you have identified as potential witnesses. Should your attorney represent anyone else on the other side, they will declare a conflict and are in most cases not able to represent you legally.

Make sure to carry with you documentation that details damages or your injuries. Even if the attorney has not asked for them, it is a good idea to bring to the meeting the following:

  • Accident reports of your injury or police reports
  • Therapy, doctor and hospital records
  • Medical care provider bills
  • Medical insurance coverage information
  • Prognosis and diagnosis reports from doctors
  • Anticipated medical costs information
  • Work you have likely missed due to your injuries
  • How your life has been affected following the injuries
  • Calendar with important dates such as injury date, surgery dates and other treatments
  • Description of interactions you have had with insurance companies
  • Copies of any correspondence with your insurance company
  • Copies of claims that you have filed with your insurance company or employer

Also, prepare a list of questions that will help you through the first meeting. These include questions relating to past experiences, number of cases handled, options available, estimated duration of the matter and any other questions that you feel pertinent to make you feel comfortable.

You also need learn how the attorney will charge for services provided including contingency fee, expert witness fees, out of pocket expenses and if any retainer will be required. Remember to ask your personal injury attorney in Georgia to provide you with a copy of the fee agreement and have it explained before you sign on the dotted line.

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