How to Prepare for MAXimum Results

One of the most exciting exercise regimes on the market, The MAX Challenge is a comprehensive workout regime of fitness, nutrition, and motivation.

If you’re ready to see results in as little as ten weeks, this is the program for you!

Prepare yourself for The MAX Challenge with the following tips:

1. Do Some Light Exercise
As with any exercise regime, it’s a good idea to have some stamina and endurance already. Even if all you do is take a walk outside, these extra calorie-burning movements can help even the most tired of bodies prepare for The MAX Challenge. Don’t forget to stretch!

2. Prepare a Space
Don’t just do it with us – push your success to the MAX at home! Rearrange furniture, hang inspirational posters, and invest in state-of-the-art equipment to boot your weight loss farther than you ever imagined! After all, we’re not just a class – we’re a lifestyle!

3. Include Friends
While The MAX Challenge trainers are going to be there every step of the way, it’s nice to have some additional support, too. Include friends in The MAX Challenge. Together, you can stick to your diets and keep working hard to achieve the bodies that you want.

The MAX Challenge of Glen Cove is more than just an exercise regime. We offer a comprehensive program to completely transform your lifestyle. See the success you’ve always dreamt of at The MAX!

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