How to Prepare for Electrolysis in New York, NY

Some women have problems with hair growing in unwanted areas like the face, chin and chest. It can get annoying, constantly cutting it and it just grows back faster. For these reasons, some people are using Electrolysis in New York, NY to get rid of unwanted hair. Electrolysis is a permanent process for removing hair from the body. It uses an electric current to destroy the hairs. The leftover hairs are removed through plucking. This process takes several sessions before completely removing the hairs and is not pain-free. Some people may experience discomfort from the plucking and as a reaction to the electric current.
If you are planning to have unwanted hair removed, this process can take up to three years. Electrolysis has to be done every six weeks from one to three years, depending on the amount of hair to achieve the best results. Some people are hesitant to get this treatment because of cost; however, the cost is affordable for most people and this treatment will make personal care much easier. The treatments vary in cost from $25 to $120, depending on the company. There are certain factors affecting the cost, such as pain medication, the amount of hair, the area for the hair removal and the additional skin care for after the treatment.
It is a good idea to not wear any makeup on the day the hair is being removed from the face. It is also important to not wet the hair a few hours before the appointment. Water causes the hairs to droop because of softening the hair shafts. Hair is easier to remove when standing upright. If you want to ease any discomfort from the procedure, it helps to take a mild analgesic 60 minutes before the appointment.
Berenice Electrolysis & Personal Beauty Center is a reputable salon that has experience with removing hair from different parts of the body. The center is clean and uses fresh probes with every client. The treatment is gentle and lasts longer than shaving. However, Electrolysis in New York, NY is an option for people who are tired of constantly shaving.