How To Prepare For Carpet Installation In Oakland

It is important to prepare the home before the professionals arrive to install the brand new carpet. Taking the extra time to get the home ready will help to speed up the installation process and ensure that the experts can get to work as soon as they arrive. The information and tips below will help homeowners to know how to prepare the home for Carpet Installation in Oakland.

Save Money by Removing the Old Carpet

An excellent way to save money on brand new carpet installation is for homeowners to completely remove the old carpet. This task will save money because if the installers complete the removal process, then they will charge an extra fee. Before removing the carpet, it is helpful to vacuum because this will stop the spread of excess dust throughout the home.

Save Money by Moving all of the Furniture

Another great way to save extra money on the installation of new carpet is removing the furniture. Leaving this task to the installers will result in an extra cost and homeowners are often surprised how simple it is to move the furniture out. Some helpful furniture moving tips include starting with all of the small items, make sure each room is empty, move as much as possible, and leave the heaviest items for the installers if needed.

Finish all Remodeling Projects before the Installation of new Carpet

It is very important to complete all remodeling projects before installation of new flooring or carpet. It is very helpful to make sure other projects like painting, wallpaper, subflooring, and new trim are finished before the carpet installers arrive. Completing all of these projects first will help to increase the speed and efficiency of the installation of the brand new carpet.

Contact Better Quality Carpets today to learn more about how to prepare for Carpet Installation in Oakland. Flooring experts are available now to help homeowners to choose the best carpet for the home and offer guidance about how to prepare the home before the installers arrive. It is possible to save time and money by making sure the home is ready for the new carpet.

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