How To Prepare For A Dumpster Delivery In Minneapolis MN

When a homeowner cleans out any area of their home, they should consider renting a dumpster. If they have a dumpster on the property, the job will be completed quickly. If a homeowner is planning to rent a dumpster, they should know a few tips for the Dumpster Delivery in Minneapolis MN.

Arrange For Someone To Be Present

On the day that the dumpster is scheduled to be delivered, the homeowner should plan to be home. If they cannot be, they should arrange for someone 18 years of age or older to be present. The dumpster delivery driver is going to need to get access to the area. If there is a gate or other barrier in the way, the designated person would need to make sure that the path is clear. The driver may also need to know the exact location to drop the dumpster. If there is nobody present at the time of delivery, the driver won’t be able to drop the dumpster.

Clear Any Obstacles

Before the dumpster is delivered, the homeowner should make sure that the path to the area and the area itself are clear. If there is a car blocking the path, the delivery driver won’t be able to drop the dumpster. The homeowner should make sure that the drop area is clear. If there are sports equipment, patio furniture, or lawn equipment on the spot where the dumpster is being dropped, the driver won’t move it. If the homeowner wants the dumpster to be delivered on time, it is up to them to make sure that the path and the area are clear.

Check the Clearance Height

It is important that the homeowner check the clearance height before the dumpster is dropped off. If there are tree limbs in the way, they either need to be removed or they would need to find another way for the delivery driver to get into the area. If there are any low hanging electrical wires, the homeowner should measure the distance between the ground and the wires and give the company the measurements.

If the homeowner wants to be sure that their dumpster will be delivered on time and that they won’t get charged an extra fee, they should follow the tips for the Dumpster Delivery in Minneapolis MN listed above. For more information, visit

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