How to Plan for Accessible Parking with Your Commercial Construction

Planning your parking facilities within a new construction project involves making some difficult decisions when considering the size of parking lots, the flow of traffic and the security. When considering accessible parking, it is better to think further than the regulations and consider the activities of all potential visitors and discuss these matters in details with your commercial construction company in Wisconsin.

Go Beyond the Americans With Disabilities Act

When you match the requirements of the act exactly, you do not allow your building design to consider the future when the requirements may change.
While many organizations requiring a new parking lot will consider the minimum requirements of the law, the social responsibility to your community and your branding will require forward thinking and allocating more spaces than required at the new build stage.

Your choice of a commercial construction company in Wisconsin will help you consider how more spaces can be appropriately positioned within the parking lot, leaving sufficient for a clear access aisle that meets the minimum standards at the very least.

Further consideration must be given to the overall admission from the accessible parking positions and into the buildings once they are constructed.

In combination with this planning, your commercial construction company in Wisconsin will expect you to consider how emergency vehicles can be located in your building, to be able to carry out their work with maximum efficiency.

Although constructing more accessible parking positions than the rules and regulations require in your state should not become an organizational boast, it can become part of your overall environmental and social plan, by providing access that goes beyond the traditional standards.

By talking to experts who understand the need for the accessible parking positions, such as groups devoted to offering better access to people with disabilities to many kinds of organizations, you will be able to focus on actual needs, rather than legal requirements.

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