How to Plan an Intervention

If someone you know has a substance abuse problem, then you may be considering having an intervention. This is often necessary to get someone to seek help when they have an addiction that is affecting their life. So, what do you need to do to get someone to admit they have a problem and seek substance abuse treatment in Minnetonka or your local area.

Run it By Someone

Often people will talk themselves out of an intervention, convincing themselves that their friend’s problem isn’t that bad. The truth of the matter is, however, if you think an intervention is needed then you should at least discuss the idea with someone else. Having a second opinion will often either solidify your own or help you see how it could seem exaggerated.

Gather a Group

If you are planning an intervention, then you will need to gather a group of friends and family to confront the person with the substance abuse problem. Having an intervention is often an emotional thing, so be sure to find people who will be able to handle the pressure and not back down.

Say Your Peace

Be sure to write down what you want to tell the person you are having the intervention for. Do not try to rely on your memory. Again, interventions are emotional and when you get emotional it can affect your memory. You do not want to forget your entire speech during the intervention. This is why it is always important to have a note a read only that. This will also keep you from changing your argument on the spot and keep your stories in line.

When planning and intervention you will want to be sure that your fears are well founded, but also if you suspect then you should see if someone else agrees. You will also need to find a group that will work well under pressure and write down what you want to say. Interventions are an important part of getting someone to seek help, so if you suspect someone you know needs help do not hesitate to discuss your fears with mutual friends.

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