How to plan an Awesome Rehearsal Dinner

Traditionally the groom’s family hosts the rehearsal dinner for a wedding. If you are the mother of the groom and want to make a good impression with your future daughter in law it is important to give careful consideration to the rehearsal dinner you plan. Here are some basic tips so you don’t forget anything or overstep your role in the planning:

Venue: Most people will opt for a restaurant to hold the rehearsal dinner but you could maybe think a little outside the box and look for Party Venues on Long Island that might make it a more intimate affair. Rehearsal dinners are the time that the two families have an opportunity to get to know each other prior to the wedding and by finding a more intimate setting where you can chat, sit back and relax while enjoying a lovely meal, wine and maybe even a patio on a warm summer’s eve will help set the tone for a happy relationship as well as show you feel this is a special event.

Who to Invite: Basically the wedding rehearsal dinner consists of the wedding party anyone involved in the wedding and the immediate family of both sides. It is a good idea to speak to the bride and groom to get their input so you do not inadvertently invite a black sheep brother or overlook a dear aunt. Another idea is to invite anyone who might have traveled far to attend as this shows your appreciation for the expense and thoughtfulness in making an effort to attend this special occasion.

Invitations: Once you know who will be expected to attend you can extend invitations. For a less formal event you can either make some calls or send out an email. However if it is being held at one of the party venues on Long Island think ahead and send out invitations just shortly after the wedding invitations go out. Include an RSVP so you can provide accurate numbers for the planners.

Bridal Party Gifts: Last but not least speak to the bride and groom and see if they are planning to give gifts to the bridal party. If so arrange for a place to store the gifts until the time arrives and have a discreet place where the gifts can be exchanged.

These basics will help you plan an awesome rehearsal dinner that will have everyone smiling and feeling closer come the wedding day.

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