How to Pick a Venue for Your Wedding Reception

Get your dream venue for our wedding. Here’s how to pick a Wedding and Banquet Facility in Pembroke Pines.

Pick a location

Research your options. Find out which restaurants fit the bill and align with your vision. If you want a simple and charming restaurant that can comfortably seat your family and friends, then factor that into your search for the perfect Wedding and Banquet Facility in Pembroke Pines.

Have a guest list

You’ll need to have a list of everyone who’s coming before you book a venue, though. If you’re going to close up the place for a few hours or a portion of the restaurant, knowing how many guests are coming will affect that decision. If you end up crowding everyone in a too tight space, that may not make for a fun reception.

Stay on top of your budget

You’ve got plenty of expenses to monitor and track. Aside from the cost of renting the venue and paying for the food, you’ll also think about decors, flowers and more. Know how much your total budget should be so you’ll have enough set aside. Leave some allowance just in case your expenses go over your estimated budget.

Consider your guests

Make sure you check the menu. If there are any of your guests who are under a particular diet, make room for them in the menu. Talk to the restaurant if they can alter meals to cater to people with dietary restrictions. This could be as simple as swapping out a particular ingredient in a dish for another one.

Find out what’s covered

When you get a quote, find out what it covers. Does it cover parking fees or the full-service at the venue? Will they decorate the restaurant for the event or will you need to handle that part? Know more when you call Capriccio Ristorante for more details. You can also follow them on Twitter.

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