How to Perform an Inspection Before a Garage Door Repair in Newton, MA

An overhead garage door is a significant investment. This apparatus serves numerous functions including weather barrier, theft deterrent, and insulator. It can also serve as the main entryway of a home. With all these functions, it’s important to periodically inspect a garage door system to determine the need for a Garage Door Repair in Newton MA. Use these details for a comprehensive inspection.

Understand the Basic Operation of a Garage Door

Before starting a garage door inspection, it’s prudent to know the basic operation of one. An overhead garage door uses spring tension to move the door. Part of the garage door system consists tracks connected to opposite sides of the garage opening. These tracks are connected to the walls with mounting brackets. Hinges attach the tracks to the garage door. The opening and closing of the garage door will rely on power provided by a spring or multiple springs.

Check the Tracks Carefully

Closely assess the general condition of the tracks. Look for dings, crimps, and dents. Use a tool such as a rubber mallet to fix these defects. The garage door must have a smooth surface to function properly. Also, check out the mounting brackets and other connectors used to attach garage door system parts. Tighten loose screws or other fasteners as needed.

Assess the Tracks Alignment

One of the most important factors in a garage door’s operation is the alignment of the tracks. The part of the tracks on both sides of the garage door opening should be vertical and parallel to one another. As the tracks extend towards the back of the garage along the roof, they should slightly angle upwards. Ensure this positioning is correct so the wheels will move smoothly along the tracks. Loosen and readjust any screws or bolts that hold mounting brackets in place to reposition the tracks when needed.

By using these simple suggestions, it will be easier to perform a simple, do-it-yourself Garage Door Repair in Newton MA. Ensure that repairs are done promptly to avoid costly replacements. For information on garage doors and garage door services, please talk to a specialist at Collins Overhead Door Inc. You can also visit them on Facebook.