How to pare down a big auto repair bill

Not a day goes by when car owners, regardless of the make, take their vehicles into their local auto repair shop only receive news they were hoping they wouldn’t; their car needs extensive repair work and the price can run from several hundred to a couple of thousands of dollars. What should these owners do?

In many cases, auto repair in Orland Park is done by a shop that people have come to trust. If a customer has been taking his or her car into the same shop for oil changes, rotating of the tires and other minor repairs then they have established trust in the shop and will approve the estimate as they are confident that the shop is telling them the truth. If however you do not have this relationship with a local repair shop then you will not have had an opportunity to develop the same level of trust, as a result all the options will have to be weighed before approving a very expensive repair.

If you are shocked at the price of repair, there are a few steps that you can take that might alter the estimate.

  • Ask questions: As an owner you should ask for the details of what will be done, don’t stop asking until you fully understand what you are expected to pay for.
  • Check the shops qualifications: Take a time to look at what is hanging off the walls in the shop, look to see what certificates the shop and its people have earned and what awards they have won. Awards don’t necessarily mean a lot and they don’t prove that the shop is right all the time, but they do show that the shop is adopting best practices within the industry.
  • Prioritize your needs: If the service advisor gives you a list of problems as long as your arm and insists that they are all urgent, this is a definite red flag. It should be the other way around, the customer must tell the shop that their concerns are to be addressed first, and then you can move on to other issues with less priority. This approach will let you get a price for what must be done not what would be nice to have done.
  • Second opinion: Don’t be afraid to ask another shop that does auto repair in Orland Park for their opinion. If you feel uncomfortable and you think the price is unrealistic then do not hesitate to check around. Don’t hesitate to show the others shops number and ask if it looks right.

Once you have decided what to do insist on a written estimate that details what will be done, how much it will cost, how long will it take and a detailed warranty of the work and parts used.

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