How To Order Custom Window Treatments in Manhattan, NY

Windows can make a space look more elegant and provide the owner and their guests with the ability to enjoy the sights of the great outdoors. Despite their ability to add warmth and provide natural light, many homeowners still like having the option of covering their windows either for security purposes or to protect furniture from harmful UV rays. Custom window treatment in Manhattan, NY can help cover windows and provide privacy when needed and will fit a window properly, which gives a luxurious look to any home.

Window Measurements

Before custom draperies can be ordered, the window where they will be installed has to be measured. It is important to measure carefully and get the exact height and width dimensions of each window unit, as this will be used to determine how large the finished window treatments will need to be. It is also important to account for the hardware that will be used to install the treatments, as this could require the fabric to be cut at a different length.

Fabric Selection

The most exciting part of ordering custom window treatments in Manhattan, NY is choosing the fabric that will be used to construct the curtains. The possibilities are endless, but the homeowner should choose material that will coordinate with any existing decor. Draperies become a major focal point of a room, so be sure to choose a design that is pleasant and is a reflection of the owner’s tastes.

Curtain Liner

The last step is to choose the type of liner that will be paired with the curtains. Blackout curtain liners are favored by many, as they completely block any light. Some individuals want custom draperies for privacy, but want a minimal amount of light to shine through. A sheer liner can be a perfect choice, as it will allow minimal sunshine while making it hard for those on the outside to see in.

Custom window treatments can be a perfect way to give any room a finished look, but measuring them and choosing the perfect fabric isn’t easy. The design experts at Interiors By J.C. Landa can help with fabric choices and provide measuring and installation services. Click here to learn more and take the first step in giving any room a high-end look.