How To Network With People When You Are Shy

One of the most important aspects of running a successful business is knowing how to network with people. It is the way you find customers and investors, recruit employees, and find opportunities.

However, for shy people networking is a stressful endeavor. To them, networking feels manipulative and insincere. In addition, they are in constant fear of rejection. Unfortunately, not knowing how to network with people effectively undermines all the hard work that they put into their projects and career.

Begin in Your Comfort Zone

For shy people, interacting with strangers can be paralyzing. It is better to start off slow, networking with your friends and family. Many people do not realize that it is possible to accomplish valuable networking without ever having to make a single cold call.

When you start with something that you know and that you are comfortable with, it takes the mystery out of the process. If you are shy, this will help you get over the hurdle. After success with a few conversations, you will be more confident that you know how to network with people.

Stop ApologizingIntroverts and those who have yet to learn how to network with people effectively have a habit of apologizing any time they ask for help. When you are a shy person, networking feels more like you are imposing on the other person rather than building a relationship that could benefit you both. When you apologize, you come across as a novice, lacking confidence and professionalism.

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