How to Motivate Children to Brush Their Teeth

As parents, it can often be difficult to motivate children to brush their teeth and maintain their gums due to their young age. Some kids refuse to brush their teeth each day whereas others brush incorrectly. If you want to motivate and teach your children to brush their teeth correctly, there are a few necessary steps to take.

Brush Your Teeth with Your Kids

Set the example by brushing your teeth with your children to ensure that the entire family is involved. You can instruct them on each step to take during the process by leading them each morning or night. If they see you participating, it will become a game rather than a dreaded activity.

Use Positive Reinforcement

Although it can be easy to become frustrated when your kids don’t want to brush their teeth, you’ll need to use positive reinforcement to avoid making it a negative experience for them. Consider using a rewards chart that allows them to get a sticker each time they brush their teeth. You can discuss the benefits of brushing and how it’ll allow their smile to look beautiful. You can also communicate that their teeth will be healthy and they won’t need to visit an Emergency Dentist Arlington Heights if they floss and brush each day.

Buy a New Toothbrush

Make oral hygiene a fun activity by visiting the store together where they can pick out their own toothbrush, which can allow them to appreciate the product and enjoy using it each day. You can also choose a kids toothpaste together, which can feature their favorite cartoon or movie character. If they value the items that they select, they’re more likely to care for their teeth and enjoy using the products.

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