How to Make Your Chipboard Boxes More Attractive to Customers

Chipboard boxes suggest that they are made from wood. Surprisingly, they are made from wood, but are manufactured with strong cardboard and are designed to carry the necessary product so it can be shipped to stores, displayed and easily transported home by the customer.

Consider Your Uses for Boxes

You may require chipboard boxes for mailing your products direct from your company to a customer’s home or you may need boxes for displaying the tens of thousands of items that can be found in every store from the enormous grocery superstore to your local gas station.

Products are placed into chipboard boxes to protect them throughout the entire process so that the customer can receive them and perhaps keep them before the product is no longer needed.

These boxes are inexpensive to transport because they can be purchased flat for quick, easy and light weight delivery and only shaped just before they are required for the product, therefore using less storage space in the warehouse.

Customers require packagers to think of the environment, and where possible, all modern packaging should be environmentally friendly and recyclable and where possible, made from recycled materials. This system keeps the cost of manufacture as low as possible.

What Is Your Favorite Color?

The traditional boxes are often finished white or orange but will be custom printed by the packaging company to present an attractive finish for customers.

By discussing your requirements carefully with your packaging solutions company, after considering all the environmental messages and requirements, the outside finish of the chipboard boxes can be designed with a complete arrangement of fonts, colors, and graphics along with the best choice of marketing messages.

Customers are at first attracted by the packaging material. Only when one product has stood out from another, will the customer inspect further and then make decisions upon the environmental messages, the content of the product and the price to value relationship.

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