How to Make Simple Tasks Work Effectively in Your Commercial Washroom

Installing Bobrick Hand Dryers into your commercial washroom brings cost advantages to your organization, improve the cleanliness of the room and reduces the vandalization.

An ‘Always On’ Facility

One of the main advantages of changing from paper towels to an electric Bobrick hand dryer is the ability for visitors and employees to always be able to dry their hands and not have to worry about paper towels being out of stock. Almost everyone has experienced visiting a washroom where, having washed your hands, you find the paper stock has not been refilled, or vandals have spread it all of it across the floor.

The cost saving of installing Bobrick Hand Dryers to your facility is considerable. Although it does appear more expensive to install an electric hand dryer, compared to a unit that holds paper towels, the maintenance requirements of a hand dryer are far less when compared to refilling stock regularly.

The cost of electricity used is minimal from the electric version, compared to the amount that is spent annually on paper towels. Many individuals choose to use more than one paper towel to dry their hands and do not consider the environment and the lack of eco-friendliness with the persistent use of paper in these facilities.

The reduction of nonrecyclable waste assists each organization in reducing the amount of waste produced by their current arrangements when paper towels are in use.

From a hygienic point of view, hand dryers are extremely efficient and effective. The entire washroom will stay cleaner, and no one will be involved with litter which reduces the aesthetic feel of using the facility.

Because the hand dryers are virtually maintenance free, there are savings to be made for any organization, especially in comparison with the need to purchase paper towels, keep sufficient supplies in stock and employ individuals to refill the units consistently.

The amount of vandalization will rapidly reduce when hand dryers are installed because the units are securely fixed in place, and there is no temptation to play silly games with all the available paper towel stock. The choice of purchasing high-quality hand dryers is all that remains.