How to Make Older Windows More Energy Efficient

When completing home improvement projects, many homeowners overlook the importance of window maintenance. There are many people that choose complete window replacement for their Honolulu, HI home; however, not all windows will have to be replaced. There are a number of historic districts that also have strict guidelines on this, further creating the need to simply make older windows work.

There are some older options that will have to have paint removed, glass replaced and properly balanced in order to be fully energy efficient. In many cases, the time, effort and investment is well worth it. Some of the main ways that you can help an older window become more energy efficient are highlighted here.

Use Putty

When applying putty to your windows, you will need to roll it into strips that are approximately 3/8 of an inch in diameter. The strips should then be pressed into the rabbet. Be sure that you thoroughly clean the rabbet prior to application. The putty, when properly applied, will help to eliminate any air leaks that may be present.

Replace Wooden Beads

These are the components that are attached to the exterior of the window frame and used to secure the actual glass panes. They are able to be used for glazing a window that was puttied before. It is important to achieve a snug fit to ensure that the glass will be completely weatherproof.

Install a Double Glazed Unit

A double glazed window will have a total of two layers of glass, which are separated by air, creating double the insulation of a single glazed unit. The air between the glass layers is when creates the insulation of the actual air pocket.

Replace any Broken Sash Cords

This is completed from the inside of the window. The process is a bit complex; however, once successfully replaced can increase the energy efficiency of the unit by a substantial amount.

Remove any Broken Glass

Be sure to wear thick gloves, goggles and work boots when you are working with broken glass. Remove it safely and then install the replacement pane to ensure that no heat loss occurs.

When you have windows that are energy efficient, you will be able to save money on your heating and cooling costs, while offering better security for your home. Using the tips here will help you maintain the historical architecture of your home, while lowering your total energy costs.

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