How to make great Easter chocolate

Easter marks the start of Spring and for many families, this also means that the Easter bunny has arrived. As a way to herald the Easter bunny’s arrival many people choose to make Easter treats such as cookies and chocolate. If this is your first time trying your hand at making Easter chocolate, you may not know what to expect. However the process is actually quite fun and satisfying and can yield some really delicious treats for friends and family alike.

All types of chocolate to make

There are so many different types of chocolate you can make for Easter using Easter chocolate molds. With professional Easter chocolate molds, you can create nests, eggs, bunnies, and much more. All of the chocolate that the kids are sure to love can be created in your kitchen from the comfort of your own home. When you start to make your Easter chocolate the first thing to do is to assemble all the ingredients you need in one place. Some of the basic ingredients you will need include a mixing bowl, spatula, melting chocolate, and your Easter chocolate molds.

Assembling everything all together

After you have amassed your ingredients and supplies you will then need to make your chocolate. This is actually the fun part and doesn’t have to be challenging or complicated at all. With a double pot, you will want to melt your chocolate over a medium flame. Once the chocolate has been completely melted you can then mix it together in the mixing bowl using a spatula. This ensures that any air bubbles are removed so that the chocolate sets nicely and attractively in the mold. Once you have done this step you will then want to put your chocolate into the Easter chocolate molds you have selected.

After pouring your chocolate into the Easter chocolate molds, you can then set it in the fridge for a set amount of time. Once you have set it in the fridge you can remove it once it’s fully hardened and put it into cellophane bags to give out to children, friends, and family.

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