How to Make a Choice for Dentures in Lawrence, KS

If you have some missing teeth or are edentulous, you can choose from two types of prosthetics to restore your smile. If you want to improve your ability to chew or bite or wish to possess a fuller facial profile, you need to contact a dentist about your options.

Making a Denture Choice

Dentures in Lawrence, KS can be used to replace all the teeth or a few missing teeth. A partial denture replaces one or more missing teeth. It may be removable or fixed. If the denture is fixed, it is often known as an implant. The fixed version functions and looks just the same as regular teeth. A partial denture or fixed denture is removable with the partial prosthetic featuring metal fasteners.

Complete or full dentures represent a full set of artificial teeth and replace the teeth on the upper and lower jaws. If some of the natural teeth remain, overdentures may be suggested that fit over the teeth.

Some of the Benefits

When you opt for a denture restoration, you will realize a number of benefits. Besides enjoying a greater ability to chew or bite foods, you also will experience the following:

  • Fewer limitations on what you eat
  • Less problems with speaking
  • A fuller and more attractive face
  • Protection for the remaining teeth

Repairing Denture Products

If the dentures are removable, they can be easily taken out for brushing or cleaning. With proper care, these types of dental prosthetics can last a long time. If a repair is needed, the service can postpone the need to replace a denture that is damaged. Most repairs are related to chipping or breakage.

Sometimes, a patient needs his or her denture relined so that it will fit better. A new material is applied on the denture’s tissue side for this purpose. The repair does not alter the appearance of the denture.

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