How to Maintain Dentures in San Marcos, CA

For missing teeth, dentures in San Marcos, CA, are a great alternative. Dentures are a great way to restore your smile. However, it is crucial that you maintain them appropriately so that you can prevent further loss of teeth or reduce fungal infections. They should always be kept clean at all times, like natural teeth. With regular maintenance, it is quite possible to prevent further damage from occurring to your teeth or dentures. Below are some of the different techniques used in the maintenance of dentures.

Handle with Care: When cleaning dentures, you should always do so in a basin of water to avoid dropping them on the floor. It is also important that you do not bend them and always book an appointment with your dentist when they crack, break or teeth become loose.

Cleaning Technique: With new dentures installed, they require great care and cleaning thoroughly is crucial to avoid the building up of deposits and stains. After every meal, it is crucial as well to rinse them carefully to get rid of the leftover food particles.

Daily Scrubbing and Brushing: Scrubbing and brushing every day helps keep dentures clean. Make use of a soft brush for the removal of deposits such as plaque and other food particles. Stiff brushes, strong cleaners, harsh toothpastes and hard scrubbing are not recommended since these are likely to cause extensive denture damage.

Overnight Soaking: The main reason for soaking dentures in cleaning solution or water when you do not have to wear them, is to aid them retain their shape, stay clean and keep them from drying out.

Utilizing a Cleaning Solution: Soaking dentures in a cleaning solution, helps kill the odor-causing germs. Ensure that the cleaning solution is never applied to the denture while in the mouth; also, do not soak in hot water.

Regular Dental Checkups: Dr. George Braithwaite advices you to go for regular checkups and have the dentures examined often. If faced with difficulties such as the dentures becoming loose or ill fitting, it is pertinent that you see the dentist as soon as possible because such problems can cause irritation.
Following the tips above will help you keep your dentures clean, as well as ensure their long life.

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