How To Know When Your Transmission Is In Need Of Expert Automobile Repair Services In Wamego KS

Your transmission is a vital part of your car. Without it, your car isn’t going anywhere. Unfortunately, while transmissions are generally built to last, you can’t expect to go on forever without experiencing at least a few transmission problems. These can be due to the normal aging of your car, but they may also occur if your car has sustained some form of significant damage. Either way, the good news here is that most cars will give their owners an indication when it’s time to have the transmission checked. If any of the following problems become a regular occurrence for you, it’s time to make sure that you roll your vehicle into a transmission repair shop right away:

  • Pay Attention To Your Gears: Transmission issues will often manifest in the form of problems with your gear shifting. If your gears are slipping, this is a huge safety risk as well as an indicator of transmission problems. You may also need to take your car in for Automobile Repair Services Wamego KS if the car jerks or produces a grinding noise when you shift gears.
  • Be Sure To Use Your Senses: Your sense of hearing and smell will also be powerful in helping you recognize when your transmission needs Automobile Repair Services Wamego KS. Many of those with transmission issues will notice a burning smell when they are exiting the car, which can be indicative of an overheated transmission. Knocking and clunking sounds can also sometimes indicate transmission issues.
  • Always Check Your Fluid: Most transmission fluid is bright red. If you notice that your fluid has become darkened in color, it’s time to call for Automobile Repair Services Wamego KS. You should also inquire about transmission repair if you notice any of the transmission fluid leaking from the car onto the ground.

As a car owner, it’s likely that you want your vehicle to stay in tip-top shape. If so, it’s important that you have it repaired as soon as you begin to notice any signs of transmission problems. If you want to avoid surprise car breakdowns due to unresolved transmission problems, get in touch with the team at Ekart Automotive Service.

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