How to Know When You Need Substance Abuse Treatment

If you use recreational or prescription drugs and have formed an addiction then you may not even realize that the addiction has started until you run out. Drug abuse is a big problem in today’s world, but it is largely approached in the worst possible way. Punishing someone who is sick is not the way to correct the problem. Instead, educating people and encouraging treatment is. Here are a few signs that you may need to seek out substance abuse treatment in Minnesota.

Weight Loss

Many drugs cause weight loss, especially once the user has become addicted. If you have lost an unusual amount of weight without trying, then you may want to seek help now. This is a sign of your health beginning to be affected by the drugs, and it will only get worse unless you get treatment.

Hair Loss

Another common side effect, and an indicator of declining health is hair loss. If your hair is starting to come out, then it may be time to seek treatment. True, this could simply be a case of hair loss, but you will know the difference. Hair loss from an addiction will be much more severe and sudden than natural hair loss.

You Have Become A Social Outcast

This is a big one since it affects your mental health more than physical. If you start to notice that you are not spending time with people you used to then you should seriously ask yourself, why? If you realize that it is because you are spending that time getting intoxicated, then you need to decide which is more important. Chances are your friends miss you just as much as you miss them.

If you are suffering from an addiction then there is no reason to suffer alone. Get help, and you can beat the addiction and move on with your life before the addiction takes or ruins it.

If you are seeking substance abuse treatment in Minnesota, then contact Options Family and Behavior Services. You can find out more at

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