How to Know When You Need a Water Heater Replacement Service

Most of us have experienced it – getting out of bed on a chilly morning and turning on the shower only to find that the water is cold! It’s not a great feeling and usually elicits a shocked gasp before logic kicks in: the water heater has probably broken down. One can shower at the homes of family and friends for only so long before needing to get it fixed. This is when you’ll need to call on the services of a water heater replacement service quick-smart!

When to Get Your Water Heater Replaced

Your water heater allows you to have hot baths and warm showers, do the laundry, and wash the dishes. The trouble is that every water heater has a life of around 8-12 years and when it goes, everyone knows about it! So, how can a homeowner predict when he or she will need a water heater replacement done? Consider the following as signs that you may need a water heater service from a place such as :

  • Brown Water: Those who rely on water heater tanks will find that eventually the metal corrodes and rusts. This can show itself in the form of brown water coming out of the hot water faucet. It could be dirt or rust trapped in the plumbing but it is also often a sign that the water tank is corroding.
  • Leaks: It is a good idea to check around the water heater occasionally for any signs of leaks. You may see pools of water around the unit or even see water leaking directly from the tank. In this case, call out a technician as soon as possible.

Always Call on the Experts

No one wants to face a cold shower in the morning but it’s important to realize that every water heater will need to be replaced eventually. If your water heater breaks or you notice the signs that it is on the way out, call in the experts!