How to Know When Hydraulic Repair in Aurora Is Needed

There are three major warning signs one can look for to know if the time for Hydraulic Repair in Aurora has come. It is important to know these signs and be aware of when they occur because catching them early means you avoid complete equipment failure and costly repairs, or the need of an entirely new system. Here are the most common problems this system faces.

Odd Noises and Sounds Coming from the System

If there are odd noises coming from the hydraulic system, they are likely being caused by cavitation and aeration. This happens whenever the hydraulic fluid becomes contaminated with air. When the air gets into the system, it makes a loud banging sound as it decompresses and compresses over and over. It is wise to make sure the intake lines stay in quality shape and that all of the fittings are tight and secure.

Cavitation Can Occur and Cause Issues

Cavitation occurs occasionally and can bring a lot of issues with it. This happens whenever the amount of fluid that is needed by a part of the hydraulic circuit is more than what is actually in it. This makes it fall under the vapor pressure and causes vapor cavities to form in the fluid. This leads to a loud knocking sound.

The Fluid Temperatures Can Reach High Levels

If the temperature of the fluid reaches over 180 degrees, it causes damage to the seals. It can also accelerate the degradation of the fluid in the system. There are many reasons this happens, but it is usually because the system’s ability to dissipate heat was reduced. It is a wise idea to constantly inspect the heat exchanger to be sure the core is not blocked by anything. The high temperatures could lead to a completely damaged hydraulic system. If this occurs, it is time for Hydraulic Repair in Aurora.

Even if no problems are evident with the system, it is a good idea to have a professional take a look at it to inspect it for any potential problems. Buying a new system can be costly, so if you can catch minor problems when they are small, you can simply have it repaired and save money. Contact Miller Hydraulic Service Inc for more information.

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