How to Identify a Secure Storage Facility in Jackson

There are many reasons why someone might need a storage unit in Jackson. Perhaps you are looking to store your belongings while you move. Maybe you are downsizing your home but are not willing to part with all of your belongings, or maybe you are a collector of sorts. Whatever your reasons may be for finding secure storage, Jackson is served by storage providers that can offer this service. Finding proper storage is easy when you look for the following signs of security.

Gated Entry

One sure sign that a storage facility is secure is that they have a gated entry. Many storage facilities have gated entries that require tenants to enter a code, swipe a card, etc. in order to gain admission. This code or gate key is given at the time a unit is rented and helps deter possible thefts by insuring that only paying tenants are allowed access to entry on the premises. Additionally, the gate will close after each vehicle enters, which prevents non-tenants from tailgating behind another vehicle.

Video Surveillance

Another sign that a storage facility is secure is when they offer video surveillance on the property. While a burglary is highly unlikely at a secure facility, it is important to have video surveillance on the property to insure that anyone with any intention of or who commits an act of vandalism or theft can be identified through the video footage. Having this extra precaution in place helps tenants feel that their valuables are safe and secure around the clock.

Securely Locked Units

Securely locked units are also essential for a secure storage facility. Many facilities offer a top of the line high quality lock when a unit is rented, and the tenant is the sole possessor of the keys. These locks require keyed entry and help keep your possessions locked safely within the unit.

Your Safety

A secure storage facility will also take into account the safety of their tenants. This means that a secure facility will have sufficient lighting throughout the building and parking lots, offering a safe and well-lit environment for tenants who need to access their units after hours.

Additionally, a secure storage facility will also require a driver’s license or another valid form of identification, as well as a current address for every perspective tenant. This can help deter possible thieves from scoping out the facility.

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