How to identify a damaged sewer system

Sewer lines get damaged due to old age, cracks, misaligned connections, channeling, and intrusion by plant trees amongst other reasons. When the damage is caught early, it can save you a lot of money by repairing the line before becoming a total failure. Sewer lines become total failures if the damage is not identified early. If the damage is identified and not rectified, the sewer line can become a complete wreck. In such instances, a replacement will be needed which will cost more compared to replacement and sewer repair in Batavia NY area.

So how can you tell that you need sewer repair in Batavia NY?

  1. Sewer gas odor – Sewer lines are normally airtight and so you should not smell sewer gas. If you smell sewer gas, it means there is a crack or an opening along the sewer line.
  2. Sewage backups – If you notice some backup when you run water on your bathtub or sink or anytime you flush your toilet, then the main sewer line is not draining properly. The main reason for improper draining is if the sewer line is blocked. If after you clean the sewer pipes backups reoccur, it means that something else is blocking your sewer line such as channeling, tree root intrusion, misaligned pipe connection or cracks.
  3. Slow drain – A slow draining bathtub, sink or toilet is an indication that there is a blockage forming along your sewer line. If the pace of draining does not change after cleaning the line, then a larger obstacle such a tree root may be responsible for the blockage.
  4. Very green grass at some point along the sewer line – Sewage is a good fertilizer so when it leaks to the grass, it will make it very green. If you notice a patch of green grass growing along the sewer line, the line is leaking.

It is not enough to identify a damaged sewer line; you need to contact a professional sewer line expert like Scalia’s Landscape to inspect and repair your sewer line.

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