How to Get Quality Work from Contract Sewing Companies

You have hundreds or thousands of pieces with your logo imprinted on them that you need to be produced with little worry about quality control. Your reputation is riding on these items. This is the reason you need to know how to ensure you get quality work from the contract sewing companies that you hire every time.

Why Quality Problems Occur

All too often, there are production quality issues, such as incorrectly sewn labels, asymmetrical button placement, and even worse problems. The main reason for such mistakes is usually miscommunication between contract sewing companies and designers. Problems can also arise when the sewing contractor works off of verbal descriptions rather than following a sample.

The best way to avoid such issues is to catch them well ahead of time by applying methods to check on things throughout the entire process. It is also a good idea to come up with a few rules to ensure consistency.

A Perfect Sample

The most important first step to ensuring quality control is to provide contract sewing companies with an ideal sample to follow during the production of your products. The sample that you provide will need to be exactly the way you want your product to appear upon completion, including even the most basic details.

Do not simply assume that the contractor will know how to do something just because they are the professional. A perfect sample will give them something that they are able to follow point for point without any room for their own interpretations. If you want the contractor to follow your specific design, nothing should be left open to interpretation when it comes to details and instructions.

Finally, it is important to request a top of production sample that you can approve prior to production completion. This way, you will be able to catch anything that you do not like early before the entire run.

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