How to get clear on what the Rapture Bible prophecy us all about

In the letter that was addressed to the Christians living in Thessalonica many years ago, it was said by Paul that “we who are alive will be caught up and meet the Lord in the air.” These passages which include (1 Cor. 15:50-53) written about Paul’s address to the Corinthians are what is referred to as the Rapture Bible prophecy. Many followers of the Bible wonder when will this rapture take place and what needs to be done in order to be one of the chosen ones. This often confusing collection of passages from the Bible should be explored in more detail for greater clarity.

The Lord already arrived?

Upon further inspection of what the Rapture Bible prophecy is promising, we see that the prophets say that in a very little time, Jesus would be there. They also go on to say that those living at the time would be able to see him. This infers that his coming is not some long awaited future event but instead is an event that the people living at the time could expect to take place in their near future. Making this specific distinction lends greater clarity to exactly what the prophecy is saying.

When the Rapture Bible prophecy is understood in greater detail, it is easier to see where the confusion occurred. If the translation is taken out of context, then people think that Jesus will be arriving at some time in the future. However knowing that his coming was expected shortly after Paul made his address will lend more understanding as to what these scriptures are all about.

By taking the time to explore in depth what each passage is really saying, it is much easier to gain a complete understanding of the text. This can alleviate some of the fear that many people feel about the Rapture.

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