How to Get a Child Prepared for a First Visit at a Charleston Dentist

You’re going to want to take your child in for children’s dentistry in Charleston as soon as possible. You can take your baby when he or she is around six months to one year of age. You should also take an older child around the age of five. These are some tips for getting your children prepared for that first visit.

Bring Treats or Snacks

This trick will work with an infant or a child who’s a little bit older. Bring the child’s favorite snacks with you as a distraction if things get a little hectic.

Children’s dentistry in Charleston might make your son or daughter a little nervous at first. However, one taste of a favorite snack should calm the child down immediately.

Visit the Dentist First

If you have an older child, you should make an effort to visit the dentist first before you get involved with an examination or process. Your child will need some time to talk to the provider to establish a level of trust. This is also true for an infant. You might want to let the staff members and the provider hold the baby or play with the baby before a procedure or exam.

Make It Seem Fun

Make the dental visit seem as if it’s a fun and exhilarating activity. Smile a lot and pretend that you’re excited about taking your child there. That way, you can get your son or daughter in the fun mindset. It will calm down any nervousness that might be present.

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