How to Free Some Space from Your Google Drive – Three Basic Ways

Google Drive is a cloud storage service. The purpose of this service is to give you more options in backing up your file. It is a Google product that gives 15GB free to their new customers. If you need more storage for your files, you can purchase additional space from Google. 15GB is good enough though unless you have duplicate files that you are not aware of. To remove these duplicate files, you can use a Google Drive duplicate files remover.

To free some space on your Google Drive, you can do the following methods.

Use a Google Drive Duplicate Files Remover

A file remover for Google Drive is an app that you have to install on your computer. It works as a wizard tool and you have to drag your files into its interface to run the scan. The scan will find the duplicated files. After the scan, it will give you a result that you can review. You can review it manually or leave it to the app to do the review. After the review, you will have the option to delete the duplicated files or keep it.

Delete Unused or Old Files

Deleting old or unused files is very easy. You can do it manually and look for old files or arrange your folders based on the date it was created. That way, you can easily identify which file are for removal based on the date it was created. After removing files from your Google Drive folder, remember that it is not removed yet from the server. You have to clean up the trash folder.

Delete and Clean Up Your Trash Folder

When you delete a file from your Google Drive, the file will go to your trash folder. It still takes some space even if it is in the trash folder. To free some space, permanently delete the files on the thrash. Just right-click on the file and press delete. You have to wait up to 24 hours for the thrash to be completely removed and for the freed space to be added to your available space.

Google Drive is a very useful app to back up your files. If you no longer need a specific file, just remove it and have your Google Drive space always available for emergency purposes.

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